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Ethnophonic system

electronic ambient music with ethnic instruments

lecture at the Solntsevo Gallery

Join Youtube stream, Jan 6 at 5pm

(in Russian)

Flute, cello, piano, trumpet, electric guitar, analog synthesizer, human voice... All of them are infinitely different from each other, and give the musicians, it would seem, a maximum of colors for creativity. However, most instruments and the human voice share a fundamental affinity in the spectral structure of sound, the standard by which scales and chords will have the same musical meaning whether they are played by a church organ or a string orchestra. Music theory has been built on this basic generality since the time of Pythagoras. This applies equally to renaissance madrigals and cutting-edge dance electronics. At the same time, the sound spectrum of bells is fundamentally different from that of most instruments. The Western way is the processing of bells on a lathe in order to adjust their sound to standards. Russian chimes, on the other hand, are based on the sonic personality of each bell. This is an idea that can literally open up a new dimension in music. But is this new degree of freedom for the human mind capable of?

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